Services M2Friend

Our services are designed to help our clients raise money and valuations, recruit top talent, attract and establish partners, manage expectations, and close deals. We look for the most creative and persuasive approaches using a variety of tools to communicate how a bioscience company is creating, capturing, and leveraging value.

Identity & Positioning
Investor perception and valuation are guided by an early-stage company's self-description. We work with you to shape strategic corporate signatures that seize the high ground.

Corporate Positioning
Doors open to early-stage companies that clearly and consistently define what makes them unique and promising. We work with you to develop differentiating signature statements along with messaging platforms that explain key developments to your target audiences.

m2friend website concepts Names & Taglines
Thoughtfully developed names and taglines can define and raise the visibility of an early-stage company. We work with you to distill the essence of your corporate vision into memorable and meaningful names and taglines that elevate your profile.
m2friend logos Logos
A clearly conceived and artfully expressed logo can establish your company's identity or boost an existing one. We work with you to firmly plant your stake in the ground. Check out some of the marks we've made. ▸
Media Relations
Managing expectations is essential for a company that is defined by the potential of its technology. We work with clients to provide newsworthy, relevant, factual, and timely information to the media to help ensure that technical and business achievements are well regarded and that key milestones are understood.

Press Releases &
Media Strategy
Targeted media coverage—through feature articles, corporate profiles, or scientific data presented at symposia or published in peer-reviewed journals—can enhance a company's image. We understand the daily marketplace of ideas in the life sciences and help you communicate business milestones effectively and translate technical innovation into media-savvy messaging.
Release Distribution
In addition to leveraging traditional distribution channels such as newswires and online databases, our exclusive focus on the life sciences enables us to maintain a highly comprehensive, up-to-date database of contacts in relevant trade, business/investor, and scientific press. We work with you to build positive relationships and optimize the power of your budget by hitting your media targets with direct precision.

Knowing who to contact and when it is appropriate to get in touch is key to successful media relations. We conduct appropriate followup with reporters after issuing your press release to ensure that your news was received and its message understood.
People seeking to know about a company typically go straight to its website. Early-stage companies can't afford to squander time or resources on the development of an ineffective or off-target website. In working with you to create a unique website, our deep knowledge of the industry informs every step of the process.

m2friend concept websitesConcept & Design
A smart, easy to use, interesting web design can positively position your company. We work with you to develop a website that achieves your desired "look and feel" with a visually pleasing interface that doesn't sacrifice content or usability. Our websites are unique, scalable designs that reflect a company's defining attributes and provide information clearly and directly. Samples

m2friend business plansContent Development
Preparing website content requires a different approach from preparing content for print and other media. We work with you to plan, research, gather, organize, and deploy clear and focused website content—copy, graphics and schematics, photos, videos, and other digital assets—to ensure that your site engages your target audiences and optimizes your search engine rankings.

m2friend technical authoring Technical Authoring
With your content prepared and layout selected, we program your site using the latest standards in cascading style sheets (CSS) and xHTML, ensuring a forward-compatible framework with lower maintenance costs. With every web project we take on, we install the free Google Analytics tracking and reporting tools.

Graphics, Print, & Presentations
We love graphic design and believe that good design and clean layouts can take a company to the next level by communicating clearly and confidently and by enhancing perceptions. We work with you to develop materials that help you differentiate and be clearly understood.

m2friend ads Ads
You have about 3 seconds to engage someone’s attention. Whether for print or the internet, we work with you to create an ad that motivates action, hits an emotional nerve, or tells a story that will be remembered. Samples

m2friend backgrounders' Backgrounders
It's often the first communication an investor sees, and you have to say it in two convincing pages. We work with you to develop backgrounders targeting corporate, investor, and technical audiences. Samples

m2friend business plans Business Plans & Executive Summaries
The key to developing a business plan that will be read is to tell a better story. We work with clients to create business plans distinctive for their tight organization, smartly written text featuring clear milestone-driven events and honest analysis, and graphics that storyboard the narrative. Samples

m2friend exhibits Exhibits & Posters
Thoughtfully developed trade meeting displays and posters get the conversation started. We work with you to clarify complex concepts and articulate core messages, and we deliver them via clean layouts with compelling graphics to create accessibility that transcends words. Samples

m2friend presentations Slide Presentations
An effective pitch communicates just enough to stimulate interest and get you to the next stage. We transform your technical information into clear messages and simplified graphics that amplify vs. distract from your presentation. We also develop slide systems comprising templates, asset libraries, and guidelines that ensure consistent presentation development across your organization. Samples

m2friend print collateral Print Collateral
Technology is not the only differentiator. When a piece is memorable and tells an interesting story well, it naturally reaches more people. We work with you to develop brochures, annual reports, spec sheets, books, postcards, manuals, and other printed pieces that help your company break from the pack. Samples