Our Story M2Friend

Mary Moynihan established M2Friend Biocommunications in 1997, where she currently leverages more than 25 years of focused work in journalism and scientific communications to offer superior services tailored to the bioscience entrepreneur.

Leading up to M2Friend's launch, Mary had served from 1991-1997 as the founding director of communications for the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute (UMBI), where she led public relations efforts for the institute's pioneering mission to advance basic research while partnering with industry to apply research in the areas of new drug development, protein engineering, agricultural biotechnology, and marine biotechnology.

Working closely with basic researchers and private-sector luminaries during the midAtlantic biotech boom of the 1990s, she witnessed the unique challenges science-based startups faced as they sought to finance risky ventures under profound uncertainty, develop unproven products with long development timelines, keep pace with shifting regulations on drug research, maximize yield from limited resources, and win the support of audiences that are inherently skeptical.

Inspired by the creativity and tenacity of the bioscience entrepreneur, and recognizing the limitations of the traditional PR agency model in efficiently addressing their communications challenges, Mary launched M2Friend, where she merges professional journalism and public relations training, deep experience in science PR, and a passion for clear and effective communication. M2Friend collaborates with seasoned associates as needed to deliver specialized services and strategic advisement.

Prior to launching M2Friend and her tenure at UMBI, Mary served in editing positions at national and regional publications as well as corporate communications posts, developing expertise in communications strategy, positioning and message development, the practice of media relations from "both sides of the desk" (writing as well as receiving press releases), graphic design and typography, publication design and production, state legislative communications, and speechwriting.