Working With M2Friend
We recognize that no two clients or projects are alike. With this in mind, M2Friend works with companies based on four general arrangements:

  • We work as a virtual extension of your company.
  • We provide a monthly status report of ongoing initiatives
  • Billing is on a monthly basis

  • Retainer
  • We work with you on a predefined allotment of time reserved for your company
  • We check in regularly to evaluate the month's goals and make any required adjustments

  • Per Project
  • We provide an estimate of time and cost based on a specific definable project
  • Billing is done in installments tied to project milestones

  • Equity
  • We tie our fortunes directly to yours by accepting a portion of consideration for our services in the form of equity

  • We find ways to help clients reach their goals even when the financial environment gets challenging, as it inevitably does for a bioscience company. Our billing practices are accountable, transparent, and fair, and we do not mark up out-of-pocket expenses.